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Let's talk towels - blog post

Let’s talk towels: some like it rough, some like it soft

The world seems to be firmly divided between people who like their towels soft and fluffy, and people who like them rough and slightly scratchy. Whichever group you belong to, we can all agree that towels should do their job: dry you. There’s nothing quite as frustrating as stepping out of the shower and reaching […]

Why you need a heated towel rack in summer - blog post

Why you need a Heated Towel Rack In summer

It often comes as a surprise to learn that heated towel racks are equally useful in summer – if not more. Summer is exceptionally heavy on towel use. Just think of all the activities you are going to get up to that necessitate packing a towel or two, not to mention shower more than once a day on those super hot and sticky days.