There are a few bathroom accessories that are definitely out of style: frameless mirrors, white subway tiles, toilet seat covers and magazine holders. But bathroom rugs are not one of them! These essential underfoot comfort providers have shot up the ranks to become a key piece in bathroom design, allowing you to inject a little extra style into your space. Spa vibes here we come!

The good, the bad, and the ugly

Let’s first talk about the bad and the ugly of bathroom rugs. Those ragged, faded, neglected pieces of ‘fabric’ that either look like a Portuguese water dog or worn-out dish rag. Or those puffy ones that you always have to kick aside if you want to close the bathroom door. Yet, and we’re crying here, why does nobody think of replacing them?

Let’s look at the good of bathroom rugs. Ideally, you want something that’s chosen with as much care as the Persian rug in your living room. What’s the point of having a heated towel rack, ambient lighting and a bathtub standing on pebbles if the bathroom rug is an afterthought?

When choosing, interrogate the shop assistant (or review board) about how well the rug absorbs water, how quickly it dries and how well it withstands repeated machine washes.

  1. Towel-like terry cloth bathroom rugs with densely packed loops will ensure a small family can trample across it during the morning rush hour and it will still be absorbent. Loose loops and it will be soaked in a second and you’re going to have to put down a fresh one after each use.
  2. Slipping is a bathroom’s biggest danger, so look for a non-slip bath rug with a thick latex backing that won’t deteriorate with repeated washings. Avoid rugs with a brush-on coating as they’ll start flaking in no time.
  3. Wooden, platform-style mats are a popular choice for their Norwegian sauna vibe and go well with both modern and cabin-in-the-woods style bathrooms. Invest in bamboo or Teak and look for rubber feet to prevent you from flying to the other end of the bathroom as you step out of the bath. Make sure it’s sealed properly – you don’t want to deal with splinters, soggy wood or a mat that’s a magnet for mold.
  4. Organic Egyptian cotton bathroom rugs employ a spinning process that involves intricate combing and tufting that results in light, fluffy and plush bathroom rugs that you’ll just not want to step off of. Embossing, geometric patterns, tassels or subtle bobbles make for real showpieces.
  5. Simple woven rugs – cotton or synthetic – come in so many beautiful designs and even if they don’t keep their looks forever, they make great accent rugs. Cotton absorbs more, whereas synthetics dry faster. Up to you.
  6. If you feel the need to be more at one with nature, a sheepskin bathroom rug will please all the senses. It’s dense, it’s durable, and can hold over 30% of its weight in moisture before feeling wet. Nothing blah about that!
  7. For über hipsters, there are rugs made of diatomaceous earth (the fossilized remains of algae!), which is extremely absorbent and naturally antibacterial. They were first created 300 years ago during the Edo period in Japan – a time of internal peace. Which is what we need right now.

Yes, bathroom rugs are in style. As long as you choose something with style, that compliments your bathroom décor and does an excellent job of absorbing water while keeping your feet off the cold hard tiles.