Give your bathroom the VIP treatment

We offer a wide range of products that include heated towel rails,
bathroom accessories and grab rails.

Heated towel rails

Drying towels the simple way

Bathroom Accessories

Putting the emphasis on the finishing touches

Grab rails

Function needn’t come at cost of style


Carmeon Hamilton

Memphis, TN, United States

“I would highly suggest creating these special amenities for yourself, no matter if you’re going through a renovation or not. But, if you are preparing to go through a renovation, then YOU HAVE TO CREATE THESE SPECIAL AMENITIES FOR YOURSELF! Trust me friends! They are some of the few things that will keep you sane”

Anine Chapatte

Johannesburg, South Africa

“I had a Bathroom Butler heated towel rail in my previous house and when I moved to my new build-home I specified the product with the builders to ensure the electrical connection was ready. I love my heated towel rail so much that I had to have it in my new home too. I wouldn’t live without it.

Graham Davey

Hartenbos, South Africa 

“My Bathroom Butler heated towel rail was recommended to me by friends and I am so happy with it that we have re-modelled two homes and we only used Bathroom Butler in both homes for the bathroom accessories and the heated towel rails. I highly recommend Bathroom Butler to everyone and I have since referred so many of my own friends.”

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