Showers have undergone considerable transformations in the last decade. From in the bath to
claustrophobic cubicles to double showers in large wet bathrooms.

But one element that’s consistently received little attention is the shower soap rack.

Not so at Bathroom Butler. Just as with every other bathroom accessory (think footrest,
glass tumbler, towel rings, etc.) we sat down with designers and took all of the soapy
problems in the world into account and created the ultimate soap rack for your shower.

Here are the things that make our shower soap racks stand out:

Stylish design that saves your soap

There’s nothing grosser than a bar of soap melting away in stagnant water. That made
drainage a priority. By paying attention to the perfect distance between bars, we solved the
problems of the bar either slipping through or going to mush.

On the topic of design, we do have several profiles and finishes for you to choose from –
angular or round, brushed or polished stainless steel, or matt black, and all have slightly
raised front and back bars to prevent the soap from slipping off.

We even have a basket soap holder with enough space to add bottles of shampoo and
conditioner, if you prefer something all-in-one.

Steely stuff that repels nasties

Regardless of the finish, all our soap racks are manufactured from the stuff of legends: Grade 304
stainless steel.

It won’t rust or chip and, even if it’s exposed to humid and wet conditions all day long, your
soap rack won’t collect bacteria or algae thanks to the inherent non-porous nature of Grade

To keep your rack in pristine condition, wipe it down with a warm, damp cloth and
buff dry with a microfiber one. Never use abrasive or chlorine-based cleaners as they
will damage the surface.

Locked in place for life

Nothing gives us the heebie-jeebies more than shower soap racks that are attached with
suction cups. Not only do they look, well, cheap, but we promise you there is going to come
a time when you bump into it, and the rack slides right down and clangs onto your shower

Our solution? The patented RIGID Loc Mounting System. Engineered to
ensure your shower soap rack remains locked in place once affixed to the shower wall. So, no
more loose or wobbly soap racks that need constant retightening and maintenance. And it
looks perfect too.

And the winner is…

Our most popular model by far is the elegant yet simplistically stylish Series 8530 Soap Rack.

Square and perfectly symmetrical, it has all the bragging rights mentioned above plus is
available in either brushed or polished stainless steel, or sexy matt black.