If you’ve read Part 1 of our ‘You Asked, We Answered’ blog, and still have some nagging questions, read on. Here we cover a couple of the more technical questions customers often ask before buying a heated towel rack from Bathroom Butler.

1. Why does a heated towel rack installed with a the Wifi enabled switch also have the PTSelect Switch?

This is because these two switches each have unique functions, all of which you need to get the most out of your heated towel rack.

The Wemo Wi-Fi-enabled switch, which is installed separately on the wall, allows you to schedule when the heated towel rail goes on or off, through the mobile App, even from a remote location. Imagine being able to do this at the kids’ soccer game and you want dry towels for after their shower when you get home!

The PTSelect Switch, which is built into the heated towel rail and operates via a red, lit-up dial, allows you to check and manually adjust the temperature.

Using a heated towel rail during summer time - PTSelect Switch - blog post
PTSelect Switch

2. Does Bathroom Butler install the heated towel rack?

No, you do! Bathroom Butler provides you with absolutely everything you need to fit it easily yourself, including easy-to-understand installation instructions and a handy mounting template for accurate measuring.

Before you get DIY-ing, check your local electrical codes for any applicable regulations and, unless you’re experienced with home wiring, have an electrician complete the electrical connection before installing a hardwired (hidden wiring) unit. You could also go for a heated towel rack with a plug-in (exposed) wiring option that can simply be connected to an existing power point.

3. Can I install the heated towel rack directly in the shower?

No, please don’t do that! Not only is this dangerous, how on earth will you ever have dry towels?

For your safety, electrical regulations strictly prescribe where in the bathroom a heated towel rack can be installed and this includes putting some 5 feet of distance between an electrical connection point and any water outlet.

Cubic 6 bar heated towel rail installed near shower
CUBIC 6 Bar 21inch / 530mm heated towel rail with PTSelect Switch

4. Why do I need a built-in timer or Wi-fi-enabled switch to switch the heated towel rack on and off? Can’t I simply do that manually myself?

Yes of course you can. But the beauty of the Wi-Fi-enabled or our TDC (Total Digital Control) timer is the freedom it gives you to manage your heated towel rack even when you’re not at home – programmable setting automatically to switch on and off when not at home.

For those who stick to a rigid schedule, the TDC timer allows you to choose one of four programmable settings to dry your towels and add a touch of warmth – like clockwork. The Wi-Fi option, on the other hand, allows you the flexibility to remotely tell the rack when to switch on and off, so that your towels are ready when you are.

5. Why would I want to buy a Wi-Fi-enabled switch for a heated towel rack over the model with the TDC Timer?

With the TDC timer, you can choose between four different programs in a 24-hour cycle. Say it’s set to switch the heated towel rack on at 5 am, it will do so every day for seven days a week unless you change it. Meaning it’s quite rigid.

Because life is not rigid and technology has made it possible for us to get what we want when we want it, the Wi-Fi-enabled switch means more convenience, flexibility, and peace of mind. You can, for instance, program each day differently, depending on what’s going on that day. Or switch the unit on or off on a whim.

The Wemo Wi-Fi switch also works with IFTTT (as well as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa) which, once connected to the Wemo App, allows you to automatically switch your heated towel rack depending on a range of scenarios, including sudden weather changes. This could be, for instance, 45 minutes before your alarm goes off in the morning, or an hour after you arrive at the gym. It’s also super handy if you’re on your way to the mountains and suddenly remember you left the heated towel rack on. Simply tap the App and switch it off.

Any more questions? Browse through our extensive FAQ section!