Looking for luxurious Christmas gifts to enhance any home? We’ve made a list!

The holiday season is around the corner but now’s the time to start buying Christmas gifts. This way, you can beat the panic-inducing last-minute rush and focus on what’s really important – spending time with your family. So, to help you out, we’ve created a list of luxurious gifts to help enhance any home. After all, if we’re staying in, we might as well get super comfy.

Naturally, our list includes the ultimate spoil – a Bathroom Butler heated towel rack! (Trust us when we tell you it’s not just a “towel warmer”.)

For the luxe lover

If you’d like to help someone turn their home into a spa-like sanctuary, you can’t go wrong with a heated towel rack. Not only do they dry towels in a way that’s super hygienic and reduces utility bills, they also add a luxurious touch of warmth. Still, not all heated towel racks are created equally so to give the very best, choose one from Bathroom Butler. We’ve got styles to suit every taste and budget – and you can even pick a custom color! Because ‘tis the season to give, we suggest you go big and indulge your loved one with a Wi-Fi-enabled model. This way, you can operate it from anywhere in the world – but when your home is so indulgent & plush you’ll know there’s no place like home.

Matt black Bathroom Butler heated towel rack with matt black robe hook.

For the caffeine friend

We’ve all got that friend or family member who seems to have a Starbucks cup glued to their hand. Why not gift them the joy of barista-style coffee “on tap”? While capsule machines have had a real moment, the most crave-worthy coffee appliance is a bean-to-cup espresso machine. A built-in grinder means you get to enjoy the freshest tasting beans that are brewed within seconds. Then, thanks to a milk steamer, you can create a silky-textured, frothy jug of foam. If you’re a caffeine fiend yourself, this is a great gift to give to your partner because then you get to enjoy the spoils too!

For the couch commando

Staying in is the new going out, so why not make a loved one’s big night in feel like a blockbuster by surprising them with a home theatre system? Assuming they’ve already got a TV and video source, all you need to do is sweep in on your jingling sleigh – or car, it’s up to you – and drop off a soundbar and subwoofer combo. The soundbar sits just below the TV and includes a built-in left, right and center speaker. The subwoofer is the speaker responsible for the bass. This way, when a pack of elephants are stampeding across the screen, you can crank it up and really feel the rumble in the jungle.

For the wine aficionado

Why give a bottle of bubbly when you can arrive with a freestanding wine cooler? Designed to stand alone and plug into an outlet, they’ll keep wine chilled at a perfect, barely-fluctuating temperature. This way, you can save precious fridge space but still chill a host of bottles so they’re ready to enjoy at a moment’s notice. The best kind will have a digital thermostat and a tinted window to protect your wine from UV ray-induced premature oxidation. You’ll get extra points from Santa’s elves if you pop a bottle two inside of it before wrapping. “Cheers!”