1. What is the main purpose of a heated towel rail?

A. To warm towels
B. To dry towels
C. To heat the bathroom

2. True or False. You can adjust the temperature of the heated towel rail.

A. False. The temperature setting comes as a standard from the factory, you can’t choose your own.
B. True. You can choose the temperature setting; you can increase it or decrease it to your personal preference.
C. I don’t know.

3. How long does it take for the heated towel rail to reach optimum working temperature?

A. 2 – 5 minutes
B. 10 -15 minutes
C. 60 – 90 minutes

4. True or False. You should use your heated towel rail mostly in the winter.

A. True. There is nothing better than a warm bath towel on a chilly winter’s day.
B. False. You should use it all year-round in the winter and in the summer for swimming and beach towels too.
C. I don’t know.

Heated Towel Rail CUBIS 6Bar Polished Stainless Steel

5. Do heated towel rails reduce the number of germs and bacteria on towels?

A. No. My towels are clean and germ-free already.
B. Yes. Heated towel rails eliminate bacteria by 90%. Very few people are aware of the number of germs and bacteria on used towels.
C. I don’t know.

6. How much electricity does a heated towel rail draw?

A. Same as a hair dryer – 3000 Watts
B. Same as a standard light bulb – 60 watts
C. Same as an electric kettle – 1800 Watts

7. True or False. For best results you should fold your towel and hang over the heated towel rail.

A. False. You need to open-up your towel and drape it over the heated towel rail.
B. True. You need to create insulation under the damp towel, not allowing any heat to escape, so you should fold your towel twice, creating four layers.
C. I don’t know.

8. True or False. I can hang more than one towel on my heated towel rail at the same time.

A. False. I am draping my towel, there is only enough space for one towel at a time.
B. True. I am folding my towel; I can hang two or more towels at a time depending on the size of the heated towel rail.
C. I don’t know.

9. True or False. I need a large bathroom to accommodate a heated towel rail.

A. True. Heated towel rails need a lot of space to fit in the bathroom.
B. False. Heated towel rails don’t need a lot of space, the average width is 500mm which means it can fit in a small bathroom too.
C. I don’t know.


If you chose

Mostly A’s
Turn what you know on its head. You believe every myth and urban legend about heated towel rails. Unfortunately, what you know isn’t true. Be more open minded and be willing to be proven wrong. All correct answers are at B.  

Mostly B’s
Congratulations, you are a true expert on all things heated towel rails by Bathroom Butler, and a powerful brand ambassador. You know your stuff and it shows. All correct answers are at B. 

Mostly C’s
You are a clean slate. You are untainted by false assumptions and incomplete truths. You keep an open mind and you are willing to learn. All correct answers are at B.