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Carmeon Hamilton

Memphis, TN

“I would highly suggest creating these special amenities for yourself, no matter if you’re going through a renovation or not. But, if you are preparing to go through a renovation, then YOU HAVE TO CREATE THESE SPECIAL AMENITIES FOR YOURSELF! Trust me friends! They are some of the few things that will keep you sane”

Lindsey Boehmke

Hilltown Township, PA

“Me and my husband have been using our
Heated Towel rack from Bathroom Butler for the last six months and I don’t know how we lived without it for so long. Our bathroom towels not only dry so much quicker than on our old towel rack, but they stay fresher between washes. The sleek design and matte black finish are simple but classic which is the perfect complement to our style. I would encourage anyone thinking of a bathroom re-model to consider adding a Bathroom Butler Heated Towel Rack to their
design plan.”

Kristin Snodgrass

Tenino, WA

“The goal for my master bathroom was light, airy, and spa-like. I chose light, soft colors for that airy vibe. When Bathroom Butler gave me the opportunity to try out one of their heated towel racks it was a no brainier! The matte black finish complemented the fixtures in my bathroom, and HEATED TOWELS?! What?! It looks great in my bathroom and it also warms my towel, and then dries it for me after my shower. Definitely in keeping with the whole “spa” theme, yes?!”

Cassie Goodman

West Plains, MO

“We recently installed a Bathroom Butler heated towel rack in our pool bathroom. I’m so excited to eliminate the daily towel washing. You are going to be blown away by this, I know I was! We all know that the nasty, musty smells towels get over time are germs and bacteria that have built up. Drying your towel on a Bathroom Butler heated towel racks reduces the bacterial load by up to 90%. WWHHAATTT! Crazy right!? We are officially geared up and ready for our summer swim days!”

Shifat Noor

Atlanta, GA

“I love that my Edge 10 bar heated towel it warms up my towels before I use them but also dries them up preventing that damp musty smell from bacteria build up. Drying your towel on a Bathroom Butler heated towel rack reduces bacteria by up to 90% and reduces the amount of times you have to wash in between uses. This is a must-have throughout the year”

Katalin Callahan

Los Angeles, CA

“I am SO happy with our Bathroom Butler stainless steel heated towel rack!! My husband and I LOVE the warm towel after a shower on a cold winter day! And it’s awesome that our towels dry so much faster now! They smell so good too! I can’t wait to get their heated towel racks in all our bathrooms!”

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