Has spending more time at home got you thinking you’d like to switch up your scatter cushions? Maybe recover the couch? You’re not alone. Many people are itching to renovate and while the pandemic’s put a dampener on large scale plans, smaller spaces, such as bathrooms, have become a top project.

If you’re one of the many wanting to give yours a makeover, check out these top bathroom décor trends of 2020 to help get you feeling inspired.

The bidet makes a comeback

Thanks to the toilet paper panic that swept America in March, the sales of bidet attachments is skyrocketing. This way, you don’t have to worry too much if you can’t find your favorite 3-ply on the shelves. Still, not everyone’s bothered by COVID-19-induced panic buying. As it turns out, the Polished Stainless Steel toilet paper holder from our timeless-looking 4600 series is one of our top three bestselling products. Thanks to a patented RIGID Loc mounting system, it’s never going to wiggle around on your wall.

Marbleized wallpaper

Marble bathrooms have always been a thing. Still, it’s an expensive look to pull off. Marbleized wallpaper, however, allows you to get the look without having to empty out your wallet. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t put wallpaper in a bathroom. If it’s not in a splash-zone and you treat it with a sealant, you can enjoy a fresh new look that’s for keeps.

Getting warmer

Cool-toned bathrooms with a palette of white, grey and silver will always be a classic. However, there’s a new shift towards a warmer look. Think elegant beige, taupe, cream and rose-hued marble; earthy-looking Travertine and tan-colored Terracotta. In this case, cool-toned silver bathroom fixtures could look out of place, but now copper, brass and anything yellow or rose gold-plated can get a chance to shine.

Black beauty

They say black never goes out of fashion but it’s also never been more in vogue when it comes to bathroom fixtures. Still, it’s not just any black that’ll do – it’s got to be matte. This finish du jour has been showing up not just in bathrooms but kitchens too. While it’s typically masculine and modern, it doesn’t have to be. Pairing matte black fixtures with softer touches – think orchids, oriental rugs and romantic old-world cabinetry – can create a beautiful juxtaposition. At Bathroom Butler, you’ll find our Natural and Cubic collection heated towel racks are available in Matte Black as well as many of our bathroom accessories to match.  

Matt black heated towel rail with 8 bars.

Mirror, mirror

Often, a bathroom mirror exists solely as whatever’s glued to the front of your medicine cabinet. Now, however, homeowners are scrapping those entirely in favor of large, framed mirrors that take centre stage. They’re a quick and easy way to really elevate any space, bathroom or otherwise, and create a “boutique hotel” feeling in a flash. Also, you don’t have to opt for just one. If you’ve got twin sinks, opt for twin framed mirrors to give any bathroom a real sense of drama.

High shine finish

While matte black fixtures have seen a surge in popularity, stainless steel is still a top pick. In fact, it’s the most popular choice amongst our Bathroom Butler customers when it comes to any of our fixtures. Speaking of, our Natural 5 Bar heated towel rack in Polished Stainless Steel is still our bestselling towel rack. So much so that it’s one of our top three bestselling products! As it’s made from superior quality Grade 304 Stainless Steel it doesn’t require a coating to serve up a gorgeous-looking gleam. It’s also rust-resistant and, because it’s not porous, won’t become a magnet for bacteria.