At Bathroom Butler, we know your home is a reflection of who you are, so it’s important to get it right. Take our fun home décor style quiz to figure out what kind of look suits you best.

1. Pick a couch, any couch!




2. Which of these would you like to hang on your walls?

A) Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss

B) Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Diptych

C) Can I rather pick a sculpture? I want a Jeff Koons balloon dog!

3. Which design feature excites you the most?

A) A fireplace in the bedroom

B) A rooftop infinity pool

C) A floating staircase

4. Which of these would we most likely find in your closet?

A) A Burberry trench

B) A black YSL tote

C) A pair of Adidas Yeezy Boost 350s

5. What’s the star of your kitchen?

A) A pistachio-colored 4-door cast-iron AGA

B) A bean-to-cup espresso machine complete with a steam wand

C) A smart fridge that lets you see what’s inside via an app

6. Every dream home needs a doggie. Which is yours?

A) A super fluffy Golden Retriever

B) A whippet. And yes, he has a wardrobe.

C) Boston Dynamics robot dog. (They don’t shed!)

7. Which shower rack is talking to you?




8. Which of these scares you the most?

A) Minimalism

B) Clutter

C) Antiques

9. What’s sitting in your dream house’s garage?

A) A beautifully restored Cadillac

B) A Tesla Model S

C) A Mercedes-Benz Vision Avtr (You said I could pick anything, right?!)

10. Pick a plant to sit on the desk in your home office.

A) A bunch of peonies, please.

B) I’ll go for a little bonsai

C) A Venus flytrap would be cool

11. How’d you feel about patterns and print?

A) I like them on my china.

B) Love them on a rug.

C) Let’s project it onto the walls.

12. Which of these bathrooms is calling your name?




Got mostly As? You’re into the classics

You’ve got a classic aesthetic that isn’t going to date. Sure, you’re not opposed to following the odd trend here and there, but at heart, you like to stick with décor looks that are timeless. If you’re looking for a heated towel rack, we think you’d appreciate our elegant-looking Natural Collection. Its graceful round bars and symmetrical appeal will add a touch of luxury to any bathroom.

Scored mostly Bs? You keep things contemporary

When it comes to decorating, you’re attracted to clean lines and uncluttered spaces. Still, this doesn’t mean your keep-it-simple style is boring. Oh no. You know how to use a pop of color and use minimalism to max effect. So, if you’re shopping for a heated towel rack, be sure to view our Cubic Collection. Its square bars and sleek-looking frames give it the relaxed yet modern-looking edge we know you like.

Mostly Cs? You’re an arty modernist

Where others see a blank space, you’re looking at a canvas – one you like to fill with eye-catching modern art and future-forward furniture. This is why, if you’re wanting a heated towel rack, we think you’d love our high-impact Loft Collection. A 12 bar 39” statement-maker, it’s available in two models but we’d bet your tech-loving heart’s going to beat faster for the Wi-Fi enabled option you can operate from your smartphone.