You won’t believe how many of our customers search our online store for towel warmers, only to find nothing and contact us in frustration. They want a Bathroom Butler towel warmer! We gently explain the differences between a towel warmer and a heated towel rack and then ask them if they are really sure they still want a towel warmer.

99% of the time they say No! We want a heated towel rack! That makes us happy. A happy, informed customer who will get what they wanted in the first place.

Knowledge is power

Just to put you in the picture of how this conversation normally goes, we explain that a towel warmer is just that – an appliance that warms towels. It looks like a bin (often a nice one) that stands on the floor and will warm dry towels (yes, your towels must be dry before you place them in the towel warmer), if you remember to switch it on well in advance.

No, towel warmers are not heated towel racks - This is a towel warmer
This is a Towel Warmer

A heated towel rack, on the other hand, consists of stainless steel bars attached to a frame that is mounted on the wall and connected to a power source. With the tap of a button, you can set the temperature and timing to – and here’s the biggest difference – DRY your damp towels while adding a touch of warmth.

This multi-functionality means you only have to buy one appliance, saving you time, money, space and frustration.

No, towel warmers are not heated towel racks - Natural 5 Bar heated towel rail - Blog Post
This is a heated towel rack

The fake news about towel warmers

Despite our best efforts to share this information, many bathroom appliance and accessory companies still stubbornly insist on calling heated towel racks towel warmers. This causes so much confusion that people literally want to throw in the towel on the whole affair.

In fact, some brands seem to be just as confused as everyone else and keep on confusing even those who weren’t confused to begin with. They repeatedly mix up heated towel racks with towel warmers and towel warmers with heated towel racks, resulting in the frustrating exercise of having to return the appliance.

Get what you want

Hopefully this confusion will be cleared up soon as more and more people discover the real benefits of having a dry towel – with an added touch of warmth – after every shower. Now dive into our online US Store where you can pick and choose from our wide range of heated towel rack designs and finishes to get the electric heated towel rail that you want and deserve.