Choosing accessories that suit your bathroom’s interior design style, whether it’s modern, rustic, art deco, minimalist, industrial or shabby chic, can be daunting.

But rather than throw the entire bathroom sink at you, we’re going to focus on one style at a time, and today it’s modern. Did you know that modern décor has its origins in the 1920s (100 years ago!). Inspired by the invention of machines that could churn out simple furniture in an array of materials, dark and dramatic Victorian-style bathrooms got remodeled in a flash as homeowners threw out all unnecessary furniture, fixtures and fittings.

What was left were fuss-free, light and airy bathrooms styled with only a few carefully chosen accessories that stood out (or not!) for their natural and organic shapes. What epitomizes modern décor to this day are sleek, clean lines, a simple color palette and durable accessories in steel and glass that strike the perfect balance between pure function and aesthetics.

The good old days are back

Do your parents sometimes reminisce about the good old days when things were made to last? Well, if they invested in Bathroom Butler bathroom accessories they will start reminiscing again in no time.

Relentless research into better ways to make things has resulted in us only using Grade 304 stainless steel for all our bathroom accessories, and installing them with an innovative mounting system called RIGID Loc that ensures they will never loosen and wobble.

Stop worrying about flakes, peels, chips, scratches, rust, dents and breaks. It’s just not going to happen.

Timeless toilet paper holders

One of life’s biggest frustrations is a badly-designed toilet paper holder. As the name suggests, it should *hold* the paper and it should be easy to replace the empty roll with a new one. Introducing Bathroom Butler range of toilet paper holders that are exactly the right length for a snug fit but that unrolls paper with ease. Viva the modern toilet paper holder!

Here and now shower and soap racks

Shower and soap racks are the trickiest of bathroom accessories to get right. Remember those hideous plastic shower caddies that were covered in soap sludge and came tumbling down when you reached for the conditioner? Now they aren’t modern and certainly not durable and you want nothing more to do with them.

What you’re looking for is something sleek and simple that will fit right in with your modern style. Something like our 8500 series of bathroom accessories. The angular profile combined with slightly rounded edges is bang on trend and will have your guests begging you to tell them where you got such beautiful and modern shower and soap racks.

8500 Series Soap and Shower Rack
8520 Shower Rack and 8530 Soap Rack in Polished Stainless Steel

So there you have it! If modern is your bathroom style for the foreseeable future, we’ve got you covered with an excellent choice of accessories that will outlast your urge to take your bathroom to shabby chic and beyond.