Believe it or not, randomly draping your open towels over your heated towel rack is not the way to dry them.

Just like dressing in layers keeps us warm in winter by trapping heat, creating layers by folding your towels correctly will similarly keep the heat in and dry the towels while adding a touch of warmth. Let us show you how.

The science of trapped heat

All Bathroom Butler heated towel rails are engineered with what we call Direct Intelligent Heating.

This technology ensures that, while the whole towel rack heats up when switched on, only the horizontal bars covered by the towel increase to the required temperature to dry the towels. In simple terms, heated air gets trapped under the towel from where it seeps through the four towel layers and starts the drying and warming process.

If you simply drape a towel over your heated towel rack, it will only create a single layer which doesn’t provide any insulation needed to trap heat – the heat just goes straight through the towel without drying it or adding warmth.

Watch our quick video explaining the simple science behind it

Folding towels for success

Optimum number of layers that we need to dry towels in under five hours?

Ultimately, we found that folding a towel twice – thereby creating four layers – is the perfect number needed to achieve a quick drying time with just the right amount of added warmth.

The NATURAL 5 bar heated towel rack, for example, can dry two bath sheets at the same time whereas the NATURAL 7 bar heated towel rack can dry four folded bath towels at the same time.

Pro tip:
Don’t weave the towel through the bars and expect them to dry because direct contact is simply not enough; you need the insulation created by the trapped hot air under the folded towel that then circulates among the four layers for it to work 100%.

Watch our quick video that shows exactly how to correctly fold your towels