Are you taking a pass on your favourite tipple to take part in Dry November? Good for you! Entering the holiday season with a happier, healthier liver is never a bad thing. At Bathroom Butler, we’re also celebrating a month of dry – but if we’re honest, this is something we do all year long. You see, many are surprised to learn that heated towel racks don’t exist to warm up their towels. Sure, they’ll impart a luxurious touch of warmth, but their actual job is to DRY your towels, not heat them up.

Our hangovers are the best kind

When you’re finished using your bath towel, what do you do with it? If it’s not a gorgeous, sunny day, you could toss it in a tumble dryer – but that’s going to use a lot of electricity. You could also hang it up over the back of a door, but health-wise, that’s one of the worst things you could do. When your towels dry slowly, the bacteria they collect from your body has time to thrive. So much so that by the time your towel is no longer damp, it’s become one of the dirtiest things in your home. Sure, you could wash it again. But if you’re going to repeat the same slow-drying process you might as well not pass go, do not collect $200 and head on straight to Germsville.

So, what’s the alternative? This is where your heated towel rack gets to shine. When you hang your towels there, they’ll dry at a must faster pace that stops bacteria proliferation in its tracks. The next time you reach for them, they’ll be fluffy, fresh-smelling and boasting a lovely subtle warmth!

EDGE 10 Bar 500mm Straight Heated Towel Rail with PTSelect Switch.

Pass on the tack, invest in a rack!

Healthier body aside, another benefit of an alcohol-free Dry November is the money-saving aspect. (If you’re a cocktail queen or a “let me get this round” kinda guy, you’ll know just how big that saving can be!) So, if you’ve reached the end of the month and found skipping the wine list has left you with a healthier bank balance, consider investing in “long-term dryness” by using your savings to buy a heated towel rack.

There’s a big misconception that heated towel racks are expensive to run. Thing is, many of our models don’t use more electricity than a 60W bulb and are designed to run all day. This way, you don’t have to hit up the tumble dryer, one of the biggest energy consumers in your home! Also, because of your towel racks’ germ-blitzing ability, you won’t have to wash your towels as often. With all those great savings, your heated towel rack becomes an investment that pays for itself. In a world that’s becoming increasingly expensive, we’ll definitely drink “cheers” to that!