One of the questions we get asked often is “are heated towel racks easy to fit?”. The answer will depend on the brand, but if you’ve bought one from Bathroom Butler, it’s always a big “yes”.

Each of our heated towel racks will arrive at your door with simple installation instructions, a mounting template for accurate measuring and 27.5 inches of cable. All you need is a pre-installed electrical point which your electrician can provide. Then, if you’ve got a knack for DIY and own a hand drill, you could easily mount it on the wall yourself. Just bear in mind that, if you’re remodelling, you should allow for the electrical point before putting any tiles on the wall. Also, it’s important to check your local electrical codes for applicable regulations before you get to work.

Alternatively, you could choose a plug-in option. It’s sold as an extra and will mean visible wiring, but you’ll be able to “attach and go” in no time at all.

What size heated towel rack do I need?

Another common question is “what size heated towel rack should I buy?” but that really depends on where you want to put it and who’s using it. To enhance a large family bathroom, something like our Natural 15 Bar 50” model will fit the bill as it can hold up to four folded bath towels at a time. Got a smaller space to work with? Our bestselling Natural 5 Bar 20” model might just be your match and can hold two folded bath towels. We’ve also got a Natural 15 Bar 17” model that can hold twice as many towels and works really well in a narrow space.

While there’s no specific height at which a towel rack has to be installed, you’d have to take your wall’s wiring situation into account. One of the many advantages of our easy-to-install beauties is that they all have an electrical connection on both the bottom left and bottom right-hand side. This dual entry allows you to choose which side to connect to your electrical outlet. Should you wish, you could easily install our heated towel rack with the electrical outlet at the top by simply turning it upside down. This is something our competitors can’t do and we’re proud of it.

Make the switch

Something else that makes installing a Bathroom Butler heated towel rack a breeze? Our controllers are built-in, so you don’t have to install an extra switch to turn them on and off.

We have two discretely built-in switch types to choose from – PTSelect (Personal Temperature Selection) and the TDC Timer. Our PTSelect (Personal Temperature Selection) models let you switch the heated towel rail on and off as well as adjust the temperature to suit your personal heat preference. You can also connect the PTSelect models to your home automation or opt for one of our Wi-Fi models that come with a WEMO switch. The WEMO switch allows you to program when the heated towel rail will switch on and off via an app on your smartphone or tablet. Clever, right?

We also have TDC Timer models. These heated towel racks feature a built-in timer that allows you to program them to turn on and off automatically as well as adjust the temperature.

The bottom line

Ultimately, when it comes to elevating your home with a Bathroom Butler heated towel rack, the hardest part isn’t going to be the installation. It’ll be choosing from all our gorgeous-looking models!