Torn between buying a heated towel rack versus a radiator for your bathroom? At first glance, you might think they’d perform the same job, but not necessarily. Also, do you need to sacrifice function over fabulosity? Or can you have it both ways. We’re going to help you out by taking a look at the pros and cons of a heated towel rack versus a radiator.

Let’s talk about function

If you want to heat a big bathroom, a large radiator will give off more heat than a towel rack. However, you’d ideally want the best of both worlds. A warm bathroom is enhanced by a heated towel rack that can dry towels fast, minimizing their risk of developing bacteria. Whatever you do, don’t attempt to dry your towels over the radiator. This insulates it and prevents it from heating the room – the very thing you bought it to do!

Still, there’s the energy-saving element. Running both a radiator and a heated towel rack can get expensive. If you had to pick just one, the smart option is the heated towel rack that’ll reduce your electrical bill. Better yet, because you’d always have a deliciously warm towel on hand, you wouldn’t have to worry about feeling cold when you stepped out of your shower or bath.

But who’s got the looks?

Clearly, the winner in the function department will depend on your needs, but let’s talk about aesthetics!. Radiators have come a long way since they first hit the market in 1855. (The very first one was created by a Russian businessman, Franz San Galli, who referred to it as “the hot-box”.) Initially clunky and awkward, you can now find many that lie flat against a wall or move around on wheels. Some are nice to look at, others are not. It really just depends on what you buy. However, if they’re not specifically designed to hold towels and you choose to do that anyway, they’re not likely to enhance your home. Is there anything sadder-looking than a beautiful bathroom – or any room for that matter – ruined by a radiator on wheels with a damp towel thrown over it?

In this case, a heated towel rack is likely to win. However, if we’re talking about a Bathroom Butler heated towel rack, it’s guaranteed to dominate in the looks department. They’re available in a myriad of stylish-looking designs and made from Grade 304 stainless steel. Unlike a radiator that could develop unsightly rust, Bathroom Butler towel racks will retain their allure for years to come. You’ll also have a world of options when it comes to colors and finishes. Polished or brushed stainless steel to enhance your marble countertops? But of course! Matt black to add an edge to your minimalist loft space? You’ve got it! You can even complement your towel rack with our big collection of matching bathroom accessories.

The bottom line

Ultimately, when it comes to adding a heated towel rack versus a radiator to your bathroom, your needs will dictate what you buy. But if you choose a Bathroom Butler heated towel rack, you can rest assured its performance will be just like it looks – beautiful!