A regular towel rail would normally take up the widest open wall space in the bathroom. But one of the key benefits of our heated towel racks is they’re compact – meaning they fit into smaller spaces.

Here are your top considerations when deciding where to install your heated towel rack.

Stay in the zone

Electrical safety comes first. To give you an idea, bathrooms are broken up into electrical zones that determine what type of electrical device or appliance can be safely installed in each zone.

Zone zero is literally inside the bath or shower and no, you absolutely cannot place it in there. But, because our heated towel racks have an International Protection (IP) rating of IPX5, they can be safely installed in zones 1, 2 and 3 (around a bath without a shower head). Check with your electrician if you’re unsure where these zones begin and end.

Try to be practical

Considering the safe zones mentioned above, you’re going to want to place the heated towel rack as close as possible to the vanity, bath or shower. You can even install it right above the bath if space is an issue. You certainly do not want to dash across the cold bathroom tiles to get your hands on your dry, fluffy towel.

Avoid installing the rack next to an open window or below a HVAC outlet where a draft or breeze will blow over the heated towel rack, impeding its ability to properly dry your towel.

Finally, don’t install it in high traffic areas where you will bump it with your bare skin. For the same reason you’ll want to keep it a safe distance from the toilet.

One of the great benefits of our heated towel racks is they use advanced Dry Element Technology (as opposed to being fluid-filled): all exposed surfaces that are not covered by a towel remain below 131°F, which is safe to the touch. Only the area under the towel increases in temperature, and drops right down as soon as you take the towel off.

Some go high, some go low

The height from the floor is really down to the size and profile of the heated towel rack, and what’s most comfortable and practical for you. Taller heated towel racks will be installed lower so you can reach the top, and shorter models higher so you don’t have to bend down to place towels over the bars.

From an electrical safety aspect, the electrical connection – and thus the heated towel rack – should be at least two feet above the ground. To make things super easy for you, every Bathroom Butler heated towel rack comes with a suggested Electrical Outlet (EO) height.

For instance, on the Natural 15 Bar 17inch / 430mm heated towel rack the EO height is 29 inches / 750mm. At the other end, on the Loft Duo 12 Bar 39inch / 1000mm heated towel rack the EO height is 42 inches / 950mm.

At the end of the day, a heated towel rack is a great space saver, leaving you more room to breathe, or to add that air-purifying plant you spotted at the garden center.