Keep your heated towel rack on only when needed. With this built-in programmable timer, our heated towel racks can be programmed to switch on and off automatically and also adjust the temperature. By programming your heated towel rack to only run twice a day for 4 hours at a time, you can reduce the running costs by up to 75%.

What does it do?

Auto-Run. Program one of the 4 daily programs to Automatically Switch the heated towel rack ON and OFF to only run when needed and to reduce the electricity usage.

4 Different Modes to cater for different lifestyles, from Auto-Run, or Quick-RUN, or Always-ON to Always-OFF.

Adjust the Temperature of the heated towel rack from the minimum of 30% power setting all the way up to 100%.

Indicates Current Power Setting on the digital display where 100% is the maximum power/temperature setting and 30% is the lowest power/temperature setting.

Allows for Reduction in Electrical Usage when power or temperature setting is reduced and when the heated towel rack is switch off because it is not being used.


Auto-Run. Auto-MODE.

For the Auto-MODE to be active you first need to program 1 of the 4 ON and OFF times and the Clock time must be set. From the unlocked home screen press and hold the PROG button for 3 secs, then press PROG button twice to toggle to “P1 on”. Adjust the hour value by pressing up or down button. Press MODE button to select minute value and press up or down button to adjust value. Press PROG button to toggle to “P1 off”. Adjust the time the same as previous step. Press PROG button serveral times to exit program function. Now press MODE button until AUTO appears on the bottom of the screen.

TDC Timer - Auto Run
TDC Timer - Quick Run


For those out of routine showers/baths you can activate the Quick-Run mode which will switch the heated towel rack on for a pre-determined time and then switch itself off again. To activate this mode from the locked home screen, press the MODE button once. If you want to increase/decrease the countdown time, use the up or down arrows..


For those times when you want your heated towel rack to be on 24/7, you can set it the Always-ON mode. From the unlocked home screen press MODE button until the HEATING icon appears on the left side of the screen.


For those times when you are away from home and want your heated towel rack switched, you can set it the Always-OFF mode. From the unlocked home screen press MODE button until only the clock time is displayed on the screen.

Adjusting the Temperature.

The Power setting must be adjusted to adjust the temperature of the heated towel rack. The percentage value displayed is the Power value and not a temperature value. From the locked home screen press and hold the PROG button for 3 secs until the LOCK icon dissapears. To increase the temperature press the UP button, and to decrease the temperature press the DOWN button.


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