Heated towel rail with temperature adjustment PTSelect Switch

PTSelect Switch


Never again will it be too hot or too cold. We have designed a built-in switch with temperature adjustment for all year-round use, so you can decrease the temperature in summer and increase it during the cold winter days. By doing this and switching on and off you can conserve energy and reduce running cost by up to 60%.

Temperature adjustment for heated towel rail with PTSelect Switch

What does it do?

Switch ON and OFF to save on electricity and run the heated towel rack only when needed.

Adjust the Temperature of the heated towel rack from the minimum of 30% power setting all the way up to 100%.

Indicates Current Power Setting with a quick flashing light indicating the current power/temperature setting is at the lowest setting and a solid light at the maximum setting.

Allows for Reduction in Electrical Usage when power or temperature setting is reduced and when the heated towel rack is switch off because it is not being used.

EXPLORE models with PTSelect Switch

Switching On and Off.

To switch ON, from the off position rotate the dial to the right until an audible click is heard. To switch OFF, rotate the dial to the left until an audible click is heard and the dial won’t rotate any more.

Adjusting the Temperature.

To increase the temperature rotate the dial to the Right. To decreases the temperature rotate the dial to the Left. The speed at which the light flashes indicates the temperature level. A quick flashing light indicates a lower temperature, while a slow flash indicates a higher temperature.


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