Sooner or later in life, we all ask ourselves the fundamental questions: How did I get here? Where am I going? Is a heated towel rack worth it?

Maybe you’re feeling lost of late. Maybe you need to change things up a little and disrupt the routine. Maybe you just have cold, damp towels.

Whatever your reasons, whatever the journey that brought you here, here you are. A heated towel rack won’t raise your kids or advocate for income equality (heated towel racks can’t vote, folks). Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs does not include heated towel racks.

But this isn’t about need. It’s about desire.

Face it, you want a heated towel rack. You can probably think of a hundred reasons not to do something, to deny yourself small pleasures in life; an extra hour in bed, a slice of cake, a warm, dry towel. But why not indulge yourself?

All you need is one good reason. Here are seven:

1. It’s a heated towel rack. It dries your towels.

Life is stressful. You need a brief moment of respite from the conference calls, the screaming kids, and the never-ending after-school activities. After you wash away the noise and chaos with a nice hot shower, what would be better than to brace for the day ahead with a warm, soft towel? A million dollars maybe. Or two million dollars. And the cast of Magic Mike. But that’s just a dream.

7 Reasons a heated towel rack is worth it
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Do you know what isn’t a dream? Experiencing a fresh, dry towel every morning, courtesy of your new heated towel rack.

2. It’s got your back. And your front.

In our always-on, wifi-enabled world, there’s often no escape from work, from calendars and schedules. From the voice in your head that wants wine at 9 am. You all go, all the time, with everyone relying on you. You need something you can rely on. You need a heated towel rack.

Our heated towel racks do one thing, they dry your towels while adding a touch of warmth. They do it so well you’ll never have to worry. Not about your towels, at least. It’s a strong, stylish, stainless steel shoulder to lean on.

And they’re not sentient, so they won’t give you a guilt trip at wine o’clock.

3. Every day is a spa day with a heated towel rack.

Japanese restaurants. Business-class flights. Wellness spas. Heated towels have long been a luxury reserved for the occasional treat because nothing says wealth and prosperity like a gently warmed towel. With a heated towel rack, you bring the luxury home. It’s a first-class upgrade every morning. A perpetual spa day. A one-way ticket to fresh, dry towel town, population you.

7 Reasons a heated towel rack is worth it
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A heated towel rack is a treat you can enjoy every day. Twice a day, even. Go nuts.

4. It’s on demand.

You don’t wait for anything these days. Deliveries, movies, taxis. So when you do have to wait it’s particularly jarring. Like when your husband leaves a damp towel on the floor, which he assumes is either now invisible, or will hang itself up if he leaves it long enough.

With a heated towel rack, you can add comfort to the list of things you don’t have to wait for. By the time you step out of the shower, your super snug towel will be ready and waiting for you, dried to perfection.

A heated towel rack is comfort on demand.

5. Heated towel racks come in matte black.

Porsches, Lamborghinis, Ducatis. Things that come in matte black are cool. This isn’t to say our matte black heated towel rack is the Lamborghini of towel racks, but it is saying our matte black heated towel rack, despite being dried throughout, is very, very cool.  

7 Reasons a heated towel rack is worth it
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Even though, you know, it’s hot. Cool? Cool.

6. Linda doesn’t have one.

We all know Linda: lives down the block and constantly brags about her seemingly perfect life on social media. What you don’t know is that Linda’s life is a sham, a carefully curated masquerade of baked goods and pastel-colored drapery. There’s a glaring hole in her facade: damp towels.

Nothing will shut Linda up faster than installing a heated towel rack.

7. You’re worth it.

You may ask yourself “is a heated towel rack worth it?” But a better question to ask is, “am I worth it?” The answer is a resounding yes, you absolutely are. What better way to remind yourself of that than with a daily blessing of lightly heated cotton fibers? Dry towels are supple bundles of unbridled joy, and everyone deserves a little joy. Well, maybe not Linda. But you do.

7 Reasons a heated towel rack is worth it
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You’re not reading this because you don’t know if you want a heated towel rack. You’re reading this because you want one. Consider this a signed permission slip. This is your time. It’s more than worth it, and so are you.