We’ve already determined that heated towel racks are a must in summer. Not only do they save on water and electricity costs, they are life savers in humid areas or when the kids do a lot of water activities.

Now we’re taking things a step further to help you make the most out of a Bathroom Butler heated towel rack in summer. See, not all heated towel racks are created equal, and ours has a distinct advantage: the PTSelect temperature controller.

You’re hot then you’re cold

PTSelect is short for the Personal Temperature Selection switch, neatly tucked away at the bottom of the heated towel racks’ left post. In short, it gives you the flexibility to adjust the temperature according to the season, or switch it on or off as you please. This allows you to dry the towels (without adding warmth) and also saves money as you can switch the unit off when your towels are dry.

Technically speaking it is super easy to use – you can read more about the PTSelect Switch or watch our short instructive video.


Once you’ve got that down, we have another surprise for you that is unique to heated towel racks with the PTSelect Switch: the wall-mounted Wemo Wi-Fi Switch. These two switches work together.

Once you have connected the Wemo switch to your existing Wi-Fi network, you can take control of your heated towel rack via the free Wemo App on your mobile device.

I’d like my towel dry, not warm please

We often get asked what the ideal temperature setting on a heated towel rack is to dry towels in summer without adding warmth. If we had a straight answer, we’d give it to you! Truth is it all depends. How damp are your towels? How warm or cool is your bathroom? How humid is it? The list goes on.

For these very reasons we have designed our heated towel racks with temperature control functionality (PTSelect) so that you can set it to whatever suits you best – anything between 40% to 100%. Being able to control the temperature in summer is such an important point to consider when buying a heated towel rack.

Most of our customers find setting the temperature to between 70% and 75% works best in summer. It would still add a touch of warmth, but it’s more a comfort thing than a warming-your-body thing.

Insisting on dry towels with no warmth anywhere? Simple. Ensure the towel is dried and the heated towel rack switched off one hour before you take a bath or shower. As we’ve said so many times before, heated towel racks’ #1 function is drying towels, so be sure to focus on that when you use it.

Now that you know how indispensable a heated towel rack with temperature control is, go ahead and pick one for your family from our extensive selection. You even get to choose the size, design and finish!