We’re spending more time at home than ever before so it makes sense to want to make things extra comfy. But why stop at “nice” when you can head straight to “hello there, 5-star hotel”. After all, we’re not going to be travelling anytime soon, so we might as well live it up at home. Installing a wall-mounted heated towel rack is a great place to start. Unlike a freestanding model that’ll take up floor space, a wall-mounted heated towel rack attaches directly to the wall. This way, you don’t have to worry about tripping over a plug or have yet another thing to move around when you’re trying to clean. Also, if you pick one of Bathroom Butler’s gorgeous-looking, state-of-the-art towel racks, you’ll find installation’s all too easy.

Have it both ways

With most other heated towel racks, you have to specify whether you want a left or right-hand electrical connection. Many people get this wrong and end up ordering a towel rack that has to be returned. Definitely not the kind of admin you want when your goal is to create a life that’s high on luxe and low on fuss! What’s great about a Bathroom Butler wall mounted towel rack is that it boasts dual entry. This means it has both a left and right-hand electrical connection. (Yep, it’s as cleverly designed as it’s good-looking!) It’s also going to save you money because it heats up faster than other brands. Within just 10 to 15 minutes it’s hot enough to start drying your towels!

Let’s talk textiles!

Speaking of towels, the next step in turning your bathroom into a spa-like experience is to luxe up your linens. We suggest investing in deliciously thick towels made from 100% cotton. This will ensure they’re super soft to the touch as well as wonderfully absorbent. Also, because Bathroom Butler’s heated towel racks rely on Direct Intelligent Heating, they’ll dry your towels in just four hours. This way, you can keep them in fabulously fluffy condition!

Set the mood

Last, but not least, if you’re on a mission for sensory bliss, it’s time to makeover your products. Toss that 2-in-1shower gel for something with a creamy, dreamy texture. Swap out that soap on a rope for a triple-milled delight. You want to look out for products that promise to create a sense of calm and many can deliver if they’re formulated with soothing essential oils. Think lavender, ylang-ylang and neroli. If you can find a scented candle that uses these calming oils, that would be great too. You can keep it on your bathroom dresser or elevate it right next to your tub with a glass shelf. Bathroom Butler has several designs so you could find one that matches perfectly to your wall-mounted heated towel rack. Suddenly, bath time becomes a self-care ritual just as good as what any boutique hotel could offer. Better yet, you never have to worry about checking out!