Heritage and tenacity are two defining and distinctive characteristics to describe Bathroom Butler. A brand built on core family values, Bathroom Butler is a family owned business proudly driven by integrity, passion for family, innovation and the ability to offer products to transform a bathroom based on style and functionality.

Founding member, Keith Taylor, showed a natural entrepreneurial spirit from a very young age. Having started his career working in the steel manufacturing industry, Keith would work on a number of projects in his garage late at night, coming up with ideas and inventing new products like the Rowmaster, a bodyweight exercise rowing machine, which he began manufacture and sell from his garage in 1979. The success of the Rowmaster was the first of many to follow. Thereafter Keith moved into furniture manufacturing, where his passion for innovation would translate into everything he did and would one day lead to the start of a brand that would be recognised as one of the leading manufacturers in bathroom accessories.

Keith’s children, Angela, Craig and Andrew all grew up watching their father hard at work and during school holidays would get involved and assist him, learning the ropes of the manufacturing business from a very early age. This is when Keith instilled the importance of work ethic into his children and passed on his extensive knowledge. After completing their various studies, Angela, Craig and Andrew all began to work for the company, starting from the bottom and working their way up, to eventually become leaders in the business of their own accord.

When asked what it means to have been part of the family business since the beginning, Craig says, “It is great to be able to work in an environment that was built on a common set of goals and, most importantly, family values. The words ‘family’ and ‘business’ are almost interchangeable and there is a human side to the business that emphasises that one is contributor to the family and not just an employee of a business. Everyone in a family is there to support one another and that same family support, as well as family values, can be found throughout the Bathroom Butler business. It is also not only about the Taylor family – everybody who joins Bathroom Butler becomes part of our family – we have drawn in the right people that all play a vital role in the success of the business”.

The founding company that Keith started, has today evolved to become a beloved organisation, known as Bathroom Butler. With a defined focus on innovation, quality and design, Bathroom Butler offers top end Grade 304 Stainless Steel bathroom accessories and heated towel rails that are eco-friendly and 100% recyclable. Craig concludes, “at Bathroom Butler we are passionate about looking towards the future, looking at how Bathroom Butler can constantly grow and innovate. As market leaders in the industry, we aim to always keep our customers happy through great customer service and high-quality products”.