Luxury or necessity

Bathroom Butler commissioned an independent microbiologist to conduct a comprehensive study to identify microbial bacterial load on damp towels before and after drying on Bathroom Butler heated towel rails. It was discovered that microbial load is reduced from 1000cfu/g to 1cfu/g (colony forming units per sample) when using a Bathroom Butler heated towel rail to dry bath towels compared to air drying, keeping towels more hygienic.

Conserve water

Damp towels require frequent washing because they provide an ideal breeding ground for bacteria which can cause an unpleasant musty smell. Because Bathroom Butler heated towel rails are speci´Čücally designed to keep towels dry and hygienic, less frequent washing is required, saving on water and electricity consumption. You can now reuse towels more often, before washing them again.

Conserve electricity

Bathroom Butler's most popular heated towel rails with Dry Element Technology (DET) use only 65W of electricity, which is equivalent to a conventional light bulb, compared to a 3000W tumble dryer used for the same purpose.

Beautiful storage spaces

Cluttered and unorganised spaces can be an eyesore, especially at home, where the aim is to create a stress-free environment. Our stunning heated towel rails provide a beautiful design feature for towels even in small and narrow spaces. Simply fold your towel in four layers and hang it on the heated bars for the perfect out-of-the-way storage.