It is everybody's responsibility

In a world with scarce resources, we should all try to conserve as much as possible and every bit of saving counts. From our experience it takes approximately 4 hours to dry damp towels.

It is, therefore only logical and more cost effective to only keep your heated rail ON while drying your bath towels.

Efficiently different

Bathroom Butler’s heated towel rails with advanced Dry Elements Technology (DET) use as little electricity as a conventional 65 Watt light bulb on average. With the Total Digital Control (TDC) Timer you can further reduce running costs by programming your heated rail to switch ON and OFF automatically. This unique feature is only made possible by the understated benefit of DET Technology namely RAPID Heating.

One less thing to worry about

Our busy lifestyles call for numerous small things to remember to do. The TDC Timer is a digital control option for your heated rail that remains one less thing on your "to do" list. Simply and easily program it once and consider it done.

For all seasons

Contrary to popular belief, heated towel rails should be used all year round, in the hot summer days and in the cold winter nights. Use the TDC Timer to adjust the temperature, turn it down in summer or turn it up in winter for dry towels no matter the weather outside. Turning down the temperature and programming the heated rail to switch ON and OFF can reduce electricity consumption by up to 75%.

Four Programs within a 24 hour period

The TDC Timer has 4 different modes of operation within a 24hour period. All programmes are stored on a non-volatile memory and will not be lost during power failures.

Life's fixed patterns

Mode: AUTO

This mode is for people who love a regular routine and ensures the heated rail turns ON and OFF as programmed up to four times per day.

Family friendly

Mode: On

For the family friendly bathroom of a busy household, the "ON" mode ensures the heated rail is running permanently 24 hours per day.

Adventurous spirits


If you experience different schedules from one day to the next and if your days are never the same, then the "QUICK RUN" mode is for you. This mode is designed for when you bath or shower out of your normal routine and want to switch ON temporarily the heated rail.


Mode: OFF

When you are never in one place long enough to unpack your suitcase - the "OFF" mode is for when the heated towel rail is not in use.

Accidental bumps

Auto screen lock

For those times when you accidentally touch the TDC Timer while cleaning your heated rail don't worry because your settings are protected with the AUTO SCREEN LOCK. After any programming changes the screen will lock automatically after 30 seconds of inactivity.

Curious kids

Code lock

For the little monsters exploring every room in the house the CHILD LOCK or CODE LOCK function prevents any unwanted tempering with the TDC Timer by allowing you to lock the Timer with a code.

Temperature adjustment

Although the TDC Timer is a digital controller, it also allows for manual temperature adjustment. To select the temperature that works best for your individual needs, simply press the up and down arrows, while the screen is unlocked and it is in either in the AUTO or ON mode.