A Flawless mounting method

Traditionally bathroom accessories were attached to the bathroom wall using grub/set screws, which had to be re-tightened regularly to keep them firmly secured in place. To negate this problem, Bathroom Butler developed an innovative mounting method called the RIGID Loc Mounting System to ensure accessories remain tightly locked in place.

Extensively tested

The RIGID Loc Mounting System has been tested vigorously for performance and durability in-house. A strenuous knock test was developed to simulate the vibrations caused by daily use of various bathroom accessories. The RIGID Loc Mounting System passed more than 100 000 knocks which is incredible compared to the traditional grub screw fixation which failed after only 300 knocks.

Easy to install

As DIY products, Bathroom Butler’s bathroom accessories are simple to install.

A screw with a T-shaped barrel clamps down on the wall fixing. As you slide the accessory over the wall fixing, the barrel fits neatly into its groove. As you tighten the screw the T-shaped barrel slides down into place, pulling the accessory tight against the wall. The barrel is now locked in place.