Stay in control

While the Bathroom Butler heated towel rail is designed to run 24/7/365 and it is convenient to leave it on permanently, we understand that every bit of saving counts. From our experience it takes approximately 4 hours to dry damp towels It is, therefore only logical and more cost effective to switch OFF your heated towel rail once your towels are dry. For this reason we purposely designed the PTSelect Switch to easily switch your rail ON and OFF.

Switching OFF makes all the difference

Bathroom Butler heated towel rails with Dry Element Technology (DET) only use as little electricity as a conventional 65 Watt light bulb on average. Thanks to RAPID Heating it is efficient to switch your rail ON and OFF. You can reduce your running costs by up to 60% when doing so.

For all seasons

Contrary to popular belief, heated towel rails should be used all year round, in the humid summer and in the cold winter. Use the PTSelect Switch to adjust the temperature - turn it down in summer or turn it up in winter for the continuous supply of hygienically dry towels. Turning down the temperature and switching your rail ON and OFF can further reduce electricity consumption by 70%.

How it works

An elegant dial - To turn ON your rail or to increase the temperature, simply rotate the built-in dial to the right.

A red light - A flashing red light indicates your rail is ON and running at less than full capacity. The speed at which the light flashes indicates the temperature level. A quick flashing light indicates a lower temperature, while a slow flash indicates a higher temperature.

If the red light is ON permanently, it means your rail is running at 100% capacity. If the light is OFF, then so is your heated towel rail.

An audible click - To decrease the temperature - rotate the dial to the left. To turn OFF the rail rotate the dial left until your hear the audible click.