Hanging your towels

To ensure your towels are always dry it is crucial they are folded correctly on the heated towel rail. A common misconception is that to dry a towel it should be opened up and draped over the towel rail. While this is true for a non-heated rail, it is totally incorrect for a heated one. For optimum results fold your towels twice, creating four layers.

Folding your towels

For optimum drying, fold your towels twice creating four layers and then hang on the horizontal heated bars. By doing this the heat is trapped under the towel and slowly seeps through the layers drying it more quickly and adding some warmth at the same time.

Using your heated towel rails all year round

Contrary to popular belief your heated towel rail can be used in the hot summer and freezing winter for hygienically dry towels all year round. No matter the weather conditions, with our built-in controllers you can adjust the temperature to suit your needs and the climate. You can also switch ON and OFF as needed.

Choosing the right heated towel rail

When choosing your heated towel rail you need to consider a few aspects.

SPACE Most people believe that they need a lot of wall space for a heated rail. This is incorrect as the average width of the heated rail is only 500mm or 20 inches, so you would need less wall space than what you may think initially.

CAPACITY is one of the most important considerations. Knowing the number of towels you want to dry at one time is important for choosing the correct size heated rail.

Enjoying the benefits of your built-in control

Each person’s perception of warm is different, this is why a ‘one size fits-all’ approach may not be right for you. Bathroom Butler heated rails come with a built-in controller as a standard so you can adjust the temperature to what is right for you and to switch ON and OFF as needed. Using all the functions of the controllers can reduce running costs by as much as 75%.

Drying towels in 4 hours

People believe that the heated towel rail needs to run 24 hours a day, but it is our experience that it takes approximately 4 hours to dry your bath towels on average depending on the room temperature, the moisture of the towel and the humidity in the air.

Cleaning and caring for your heated rail

While Stainless Steel is an amazing material, it still needs some simple care. Follow these do’s and don’ts for an immaculately clean rail.

DO REMOVE DUST Wipe down your product regularly. To clean it firstly switch off your heated rail and allow it to cool down. Secondly wipe it down with a warm damp cloth and buff it dry. Dust particles contain contaminants and if they are allowed to settle on any product long enough, they will eventually cause marks to form. These marks can be removed but it will take the right materials and a lot of elbow grease - so remember prevention is better than cure.

DO REMOVE LIGHT SCRATCHES or blemishes by using a non- abrasive metal polish.

DON’T USE TILE GROUT CLEANER Never use tile grout cleaner on your GRADE 304 Stainless Steel products, as it will cause brown marks that are almost impossible to remove. If you are retiling your bathroom - remove any stainless steel fittings beforehand and only re-install them once the grout has been applied and the excess tile grout has been removed successfully.

DON’T USE STEEL WOOL Never scour the surface with steel wool as it will cause scratches on your Stainless Steel product and it will contaminate the surface.

CHLORINE WILL DAMAGE THE SURFACE Avoid any household detergents that contain Chlorine as this will affect the surface finish of your Stainless Steel product.