Out with the old in with the new

In the past Bathroom Butler manufactured fluid filled heated towel rails that came with some unwelcome imperfections. Our unwavering dedication to innovation drove the development of a revolutionary new technology to overcome these unwelcome problems with fluid filled heated towel rails. Since the introduction of Dry Element Technology (DET) over 10 years ago, the demand for older fluid filled models has dropped significantly encouraging their discontinuation. Today, Bathroom Butler prides itself in being the leader of DET Technology.

Worlds apart

The basic principle of DET Technology is explained with a special purpose heating wire that is thread through the bars of the rail providing the benefit of instant heat when it is switched on. In great contrast to fluid filled technology which uses a small element to heat the fluid within the tubes and takes up to one and a half hours for the fluid to circulate and distribute the heat within the rail.

Benefits of DET: RAPID Heating • Direct Intelligent Heating • Controller Options • No Fluid = No Leaking • 100% Serviceable • Upside Down Installation • Quiet Operation • Maintenance Free

90 Minutes is 75 minutes too long

RAPID Heating - Ten to 15 minutes is the time it takes for your Bathroom Butler heated towel rail to reach optimum working temperature rendering it economically efficient to switch ON and OFF. Compared to older fluid filled models that take up to 90 minutes to heat up and are therefore uneconomical.

Full control at your fingertips

Thanks to DET Technology and RAPID Heating it is energy efficient to switch your heated towel rails ON and OFF. Conserve more energy by making sure your rail is only ON when required. For this purpose Bathroom Butler offers different control options PTSelect, the TDC Timer* or the Complete Smart Solution*.

*Certain Controls may only be available in selected geographical regions.

Turning up the heat on the right spot

Direct Intelligent Heating reduces the drying time and improves the warming effect by providing heat directly where it is needed most -in the horizontal bars under the damp towel. The area on the rail that is covered by a towel will automatically become hotter than the free rail space. This feature ensures maximum results with the minimum use of energy, where the increase in temperature does not use extra electricity.

Manufactured to the highest standards

All Bathroom Butler heated towel rails are tested to IEC 60335-1 and IEC 60335-2-43 and have an International Protection rating of IPX5 which means they can be installed safely in all areas of the bathroom, including above the bath. The temperatures of our DET heated rails are extremely safe as none of the exposed surfaces will exceed 50°C.

Manufactured with the most advanced methods

Every part of Bathroom Butler’s heated towel rails is replaceable making it 100% serviceable. We have come to achieve yet another first in the market by using the latest in manufacturing methods such as laser cutting and patenting a reliable and innovative method of assembly for some of the most unique solutions in manufacturing.