What tools do I need to install my Bathroom Butler Bathroom Accessories?

To install our bathroom accessories in a masonry wall you need a Hand Drill Machine, Tape Measure, Pencil, Spirit Level Screw Driver and various dill bits (Ø7mm Spade Bit, Ø5.5mm and Ø7mm masonry drill bits).


What is the RIGID Loc Mounting system?

The RIGID Loc is a unique mounting method for bathroom accessories designed and engineered by Bathroom Butler that prevents accessories from coming loose. At Bathroom Butler we believe in a business ethos of continuous innovation and designing products by listening to what customers have to say. One of the most common problems with bathroom accessories is that the grub screws need constant retightening to prevent the accessories from coming loose. Bathroom Butler’s RIGID Loc Mounting System was specially engineered to overcome this problem. The patented design ensures Bathroom Butler’s accessories remain firmly secured in place.

Why is the RIGID Loc Mounting System better than the traditional fixation method using grub screws?

The RIGID Loc Mounting System has been tested vigorously for performance and durability in-house. A strenuous knock test was developed to simulate the vibrations caused by daily use of various bathroom accessories. The RIGID Loc Mounting System passed more than 100 000 knocks which is incredible compared to the traditional grub screw fixation which failed after only 300 knocks.

How does RIGID Loc work?

As DIY products, Bathroom Butler accessories are easy and simple to install. A screw with a T-shaped barrel clamps down on the wall fixing. As you slide the accessory over the wall fixing, the barrel fits neatly into its groove. When you tighten the screw the T-shaped barrel slides down into place, pulling the accessory tight against the wall. The barrel is then locked into place.

Why do you supply Fischer® UX Wall Plugs with the product?

When we were designing the RIGID Loc Mounting System we found that there were two parts to having a secure mounting. The first is the fixing of the mounting bracket to the wall and the second is the fixing of the accessory to the mounting bracket. We solved the problem of a secure mounting between the accessory and mounting bracket with RIGID Loc, but we also found a problem when fixing the mounting bracket to the wall. The basic problem is that most walls today are very soft resulting in a problem of oversized holes being drilled and also many installers using the closest drill size they have in their toolbox again resulting in oversized holes. We found that when using original Fischer® UX Wall Plugs, the mounting bracket is still secure even in oversized holes.

Can I install my bathroom accessories on dry wall?

Yes, you can install Bathroom Butler RIGID Loc bathroom accessories on a dry wall using the original Fischer® UX Wall Plugs supplied with the product. Provided the dry wall is thicker than 24mm or you can fasten directly into a stud.

Should I remove the template after I've drilled my holes?

No, you must not remove the template. The reason for this is that the mounting template actually forms part of the RIGID Loc Mounting System by acting as a non-slip surface between the wall and the ribbed back of the mounting bracket.

Does it matter which way the RIGID Loc barrel is inside the product?

Yes it does matter which way the RIGID Loc barrel is positioned. The little legs must be facing downwards like legs on the ground. The purpose of the legs is to make sure the RIGID Loc barrel does not rotate when the screw is tightened.

When do I know I've tightened my bathroom accessories enough?

You know you have tightened the RIGID Loc bathroom accessories enough when the cover plate is tight against the wall. To achieve this make sure that you hold the allen key on the long end to get as much leverage as possible.

Does glue mounting work?

In our opinion there are too many sensitive installation requirements with all the glue mounting systems at this point in time. Until a glue has been developed that is not sensitive to small amounts of dirt, dust and moisture we do not believe in offering a glue mounting.

Once installed, can I remove my RIGID Loc bathroom accessories?

Yes you can remove your bathroom accessories from the wall by loosening the screw using the allen key. You will however notice that it is more difficult to loosen the screw than it was to tighten it – this is RIGID Loc in action.

Does it matter which way I install the RIGID Loc mounting bracket?

Yes, it does matter which way you install the RIGID Loc mounting bracket. If it is not installed the correct way around, the accessory will not slide over the mounting.

Do I have to use the screws & plugs you supply?

No you do not, however we highly recommend that you do as it will make for a more secure mounting.

What size hole should I drill for my bathroom accessories?

For the Fischer® UX Wall Plugs you should use Ø6mm drill bit. If you drill a hole that is too big then it will weaken your mounting.

What material are Bathroom Butler Bathroom accessories made from?

All Bathroom Butler bathroom accessories marked SS304 are made from GRADE 304 Stainless Steel which is one of the more premium grades of commercial stainless steel available.

Will my bathroom accessories rust?

No, all bathroom accessories marked SS304 are made from GRADE 304 Stainless Steel which has the inherent property of being rust resistant.

How can I take care of my Stainless Steel bathroom accessories?

Simply wipe your product down regularly with a warm damp cloth then buff it dry. Dust particles contain contaminants, and if they are allowed to settle on any product for long enough, they will eventually cause marks to form.

  • Removing light scratches: Metal polish can be used to remove light scratches or blemishes.
  • Tile grout cleaner is out: Never use tile grout cleaner on your GRADE 304 Stainless Steel products, as it will cause brown marks that are almost impossible to remove. If you are retiling your bathroom – it is always better to remove any stainless steel fittings or fixtures beforehand, and only re-install them once the grout has been successfully applied and the excess tile grout has been removed.
  • Steel wool is a no-no: Never scour the surface with steel wool, as it will cause scratches on your Stainless Steel product and it will contaminate the surface.
  • Chlorine will damage the surface: Avoid any household detergents that contain Chlorine as this can affect the surface finish of your Stainless Steel product.

Can I purchase spares such as extra tumblers and brushes?

Yes, Bathroom Butler carries spares for all of its products.

Can I mount my Bathroom Butler accessories to glass?

Yes, Bathroom Butler has developed a glass mounting for its accessories to allow for secure mounting to glass panels such as shower doors. The holes in the glass need to be drilled prior to the glass being tempered.


Where can I purchase a Bathroom Butler Bathroom Accessories?

Bathroom Butler bathroom accessories are available nationwide within South Africa. For more information please see the find a retailer section on our website.