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Scientific Study proves why Bathroom Butler Heated Rails are Necessary
9/27/2017 1:23:26 PM

Bathroom Butler commissioned researcher and author, Leigh-Ann Hasselbach from Navigator Chemicals to conduct a comprehensive study to identify microbial bacterial load on damp towels before and after drying on Bathroom Butler heated towel rails. The aim of this study was to prove if total microbial load - measured as total enterobacteriaceae counts, is reduced when using Bathroom Butler Heated Towel Rails compared to air drying used towels.

Based on Leigh-Ann's findings, using Bathroom Butler's heated towel rails to dry towels reduced their microbial load by up to 1000 cfu/g over the testing periods of 12 hours, 24 hours, 5 days and 2 weeks.

The bacterial load was tested at 24 hours after using the towels and leaving them to dry either at room temperature or on a 60ºC heated towel rail. The results concluded that the heated towel control shows a lower bacterial count compared to the unused control towel and the normal air dried towel. The heated towel control is an unused towel on the rail to rule out normal air borne bacterial growth.

Research Findings

The bacterial count recorded at 2 weeks after using towels and leaving them to dry at either room temperature or on a 60ºC heated towel rail, the results concluded that the towel that was dried using a Bathroom Butler heated towel rail shows the lowest bacterial count compared with the normal air dried towel.

Research Findings at 360hrs

“In conclusion, the total percentage clean rate given to Bathroom Butler’s heated towel rail over the testing period is 75% and this reaches almost 90% by day 14 and day 15, where the normal air dried towel total plate count was greater than 1000 cfu/g, compared to the bacterial count on the towels placed on the heated rail, which was less than 1 cfu/g", says author and researcher Leigh-Ann Hasselbach from Navigator Chemicals. From these results, it has become evident that the longer the towels are used and dried on the Bathroom Butler Heated Towel Rail, the more effective the heated rails are in reducing the microbial bacterial load.

All Bathroom Butler’s heated towel rails are manufactured from Grade 304 Stainless Steel, which is the perfect choice material for the bathroom, as it is naturally resistant to corrosion and does not collect bacteria or algae. In addition Bathroom Butler's heated rails use advanced Dry Element Technology, also known as DET, which is the pioneering technology for heated towel rails. It works effectively in drying towels and provides un-paralleled benefits such as RAPID Heating, Direct Intelligent Heating, Controller Options and DUAL Entry electrical connections.

Another great feature of the Bathroom Butler heated towel rail is that it comes standard with a built-in controller called the Personal Temperature Selection (PTSelect) Switch– which allows you to adjust the temperature or to switch the heated towel rail ON and OFF. Using all the functions of the controller can reduce running costs by up to 60%.

Further research around identifying the types of microbial load and bacteria that are formed on damp towels is currently underway.